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"CCC was an amazing experience for me, every night leading up to the recording, I thought about it in bed and dreamt about it, nothing's changed..."

Ben Waterworth (trombone)

"CCC has changed my life... I feel I have found my true calling in life... blowing bottles. I always thought I had a talent... and now I know I do, all thanks to CCC, thank you for helping me realise my true potential"

Andreas Andreou (bottles & bubbles)

"It's fabulous how you can not practice for a whole year and then in the wilting heat of December produce such wonderful noises"

Claire Dale (clarinet)

"My famousness has now increased by 42%!"


"I'm was can't believe it!!!"

Chris Borg (bass)

"It was my first time recording, I was so excited to hear the finished product and it didn't disappoint"


"CCC. Where would my life be without it? To me, CCC is more than just another Christmas CD. It has become an annual institution where musicians get together and record their own take on all of the classic Christmas songs. CCC brings back memories of sweating it out in the recording studio/Brendan's spare room frantically trying to learn pieces of music that have generally just been printed off from Brendan's computer. Lot's of fun has been had! Generally, playing the bass parts, I am the second layer of many that make up each Christmas carol, so I usually only hear drum and bass parts by the time that I have finished, so I must say the end result is always eagerly anticipated and often I am shocked in quite a good way by the genius behind each instrument on each song. CCC has evolved from a bunch of friends getting together to make a Christmas CD into something more than that. The CD encompasses the Spirit of Christmas. Friendship, passion and unity are all essential parts of the magic that is CCC!"


"I now have one more thing to look forward to at my favourite time of the year"


the Profound

"CCC is a journey of fun, laughter and good music rolled into a Christmas CD!"


"After starring in the 2006 CCC I can now be found when searched in google!"


"I'm just glad there wasn't twenty-five days of Christmas"

Brendan (the one that would have to record it...)

"It's either musical genius... or a complete waste of time"

Simon Borg (Local Hero)

"In my deepest darkest moments of despair I knew I could always turn to the Christmas possum"


You just had to be there...

"Claire: [speaking about 'We Wish You A Callypso Christmas'] It needs, like some bird calls and things in it.
Brendan: I could get Josh in here tomorrow to make random noises
Claire: Umm... we could find some sound clips on the internet...
Brendan: Or I could get Josh in here tomorrow
Claire: Or we could NOT get Josh...
Brendan: Or I can get Josh in here tomorrow...I'll call Josh."

as recalled by Sam Godwin (flute)

To set the scene, it's the 23rd of December. Dave and Brendan are busking at Tunstall Square, as they had every year.
Dave: "Did you see that?! I think that bald guy just dropped $5 into our box!"
Brendan: "Wow! Surely he didn't give it to us on purpose."
...a short time later...
Dave: "I'm just about sick of these carols"
Brendan: "I'm hungry, and I don't think I can get away with taking any more free sausages from the butcher"
Dave: "Let's go home"
Brendan: "Why don't we record some of these carols?"

Yup, that's how it all began...