Did you know?

No carol has made it onto every album, but Good King Wenceslas and Silent Night have come close! (they are both on 4/5 albums)

The founders

The first edition of CCC (2002) was created mainly out of boredom. Brendan Petty and David Glavich were doing the usual busking at Tunstall Square in the days leading up to Christmas, when they decided to head back to Brendan's house to record some of the carols. Later that afternoon, the first CCC was cccomplete.

Dave and Brendan have been part of many musical endeavours together over the years, and CCC appeared to be a project worthy of annual repetition.

The others

In total, over 20 people have been involved with Crazy Christmas Carols, from playing an instrument or singing, to designing the cover, mixing the recordings, and even just hanging around not doing anything...

  • David Glavich (Guitars)
  • Brendan Petty (Piano, Vocals, Percussion, Trumpet, Drums [03-04])
  • Claire Dale (Clarinet, Percussion)
  • Josh Rosens (Vocals, Techo-fying, Whistles, Sounds of the Jungle, Cover design [04-07])
  • Samantha Godwin (Flute, Recorder, Vocals, Alto Sax)
  • Chris Borg (Bass)
  • Josh Wood (Drums [05-06])
  • Anastasia Giannakis (Vocals)
  • James Kemp (Harmonica, Violin, Viola, Mandolin)
  • Natalie Allgood (Cello, Recorder, Vocals)
  • Sabrina Chin (Violin)
  • Andrew Foong (Percussion)
  • Ben Waterworth (Trombone)
  • Nathan Lugton (Trumpet)
  • Dre Andreou (Bottles, Bubbles)
  • Mark Borg (Drums [the KKC])
  • Local Hero [Simon, Chris and Mark Borg, Andrew Downing] (Oh Come All Ye Faithful)
  • Chris Cameron (Drums [Go Tell])
  • Emma Payne (Trumpet [Go Tell])
  • Jono Croxford (Alto Sax [Go Tell])


At this point in time, CCC is a non-profit group. All the money that comes in is simply used to pay for a larger production run the following year. We give a portion of money taken when selling CDs through certain groups, and we are happy to consider supporting any Christmas related charities or organisations, send us an email. We're just doing this for the love of the music!

Merry Christmas

As you can see in the photo, we're a crazy bunch. A crazy bunch that would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!