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All the past CCC albums are available for purchase through this website

Go Tell It On The Mountain (big band style) is now available for free download!! This is a preview track from CCC2009.

CCC2007: the Best Of CCC02-06

For five years now, the familiar sounds of the holiday season have been reproduced, possibly improved (but most likely mangled) by a faithful troupe of carolers.

We've selected 29 of the very best crazy carols to create the Best of CCC 02-06.

It includes all the favourites such as The Twelve Days of Christmas, (the not so) Silent Night, the 2004 version of We Three Kings in 5/4 time, plus all of our originals.

The Best of CCC is available now, and can be purchased online for $10.

The CCC Quiz!

Think you know your Crazy Christmas Carols? Take the audio quiz to see how you fair!